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HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook

HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook

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Designed with your child’s learning journey in mind, the HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook is more than just a writing practice book. It’s a comprehensive learning tool that makes learning fun and engaging. Here’s why parents and children are falling in love with the Magic Copybook:

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Unique Groove Design 📝 

1️⃣Our Magic Copybook is designed with special grooves to guide your child in forming correct and beautiful handwriting. The clear printing and moderate groove depth make it easy for children to trace and practice their writing skills.

Smooth and Comfortable Writing✍️

2️⃣he Magic Copybook comes with a magic writing pen that provides a smooth and comfortable writing experience. The pen is designed to Tbe easy to hold, promoting correct posture and good writing habits.

Convenient Page Turning 📖

3️⃣The Magic Copybook is spiral-bound for easy page turning.

The 350GSM thick and wear-resistant

4️⃣ cover ensures durability, making it a long-lasting learning tool for your child.

Reusable Within 30 Minutes ⏱️

5️⃣ The HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook is designed to be reusable. After writing, the ink disappears within 15 minutes, allowing your child to practice again and again without the worry of making mistakes.

Prevent Myopia with Yellowish Paper 👀

6️⃣ The Magic Copybook uses yellowish paper to help prevent myopia. The fine printing on the paper is easy on the eyes, making learning a more comfortable experience for your child.

The Montessori Learning Method - Unlock Your Child’s Potential

The Montesory learning method is rooted in the belief that children are naturally curious and learn best when they act independently and explore their surroundings. By learning through activities like our HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook they develop self-confidence and essential skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Invest in your child’s education and future with our HAPPY LEARN Magic Copybook. It’s not just a toy but a gateway to a world full of discoveries and possibilities. Get ready to foster your child’s growth and development by incorporating the montesory learning method into your childs daily life. Order today and let your child embark on an exciting learning journey!


The Magic Copybook is suitable for children aged 3-8 years old. It’s made from white cardboard, ensuring durability and longevity. This is the perfect tool to help your child develop good study and writing habits. Order now and let the Magic Copybook make learning fun and effective for your child!


Magical Reusable Writing

The Magic Copybook has a special ink that disappears automatically after writing. This way, your child can practice over and over again without wasting paper.

Four Books for Different Skills

The Magic Copybook Set includes four books that train your child in mathematics, alphabet, drawing and visual skills. These subjects become more friendly and fun for your child.

Pen with Grip Trainer

The Magic Copybook Set comes with a pen and a grip trainer that helps your child learn a correct writing posture.

Improved Writing Skills

The Magic Copybook Set helps your child improve their writing skills by teaching them how to write letters, numbers and words correctly. Writing promotes the cognitive and linguistic development of your child.